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Too often we’ve seen small - medium businesses spend big bucks on strategy documents that are put inside a drawer, never to be seen again. And boy, does that suck.


SALT was born because we believe that not only do all brands deserve good strategy, but businesses should feel empowered in the process.

As a consultancy, there is nothing cookie-cutter about how we operate. We work with you to understand your wider business objectives and create full-service or complementary packages to build brand saliency and drive growth.

We are brand and marketing experts in a variety of industries; from FMCG, alcohol and hospitality, to recruitment, lifestyle and not-for-profit.


We pride ourselves in a truly transparent approach.  We work within your business to identify your specific needs and act as an extension of your family. 


Sally sailed in to save me when a previous contractor fell through. With very little lead time Sally adeptly took over all marketing and publicity for our event, developed a digital campaign, increased in impact and impressions across social media by an enormous percentage and was a dream to work with. Very intuitive and calm, focussed and delivered a marketing plan in under 24 hours.

The Museum of Freedom and Tolerance look forward to working with Sally again.

Zoe O'Neill - MFTWA 

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